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Advantage Data Architect Utility


Advantage Data Architect Utility: A complete data management system for Advantage developers
Advantage Data Architect assists in designing, creating and maintaining the database layer of a developer's applications. This also includes Advantage Local Server, which allows for royalty-free distribution for shared and local environments.

The following features are available with the Advantage Data Architect:


  • Import and convert other table types (such as Paradox, dBASE, Access, Btrieve, Pervasive and MS SQL Server) to Advantage compatible tables
  • Create and maintain Advantage data dictionaries and define referential integrity rules, record and field level constraints, and more
  • Create tables and indexes
  • Restructure existing tables
  • Encrypt/decrypt tables and dictionaries
  • Generate and test Advantage SQL queries using a visual query designer
  • Generate code to automatically create tables and indexes using the Advantage Tables-to-Code Generator


  • Check the client workstation's environment to test and diagnose connection issues with the Advantage Database Server
  • Setup Access Control Lists to define user access rights for users who wish to connect to the Advantage Database Server
  • Create aliases similar to those used by the Borland Database Engine


  • Manage the database with functionality for rebuilding indexes and packing, restructuring and repairing tables
  • Manage Advantage data dictionaries with the Advantage Data Dictionary Manager
  • Observe Advantage Database Server activity with the Advantage Management utility
  • Execute maintenance tasks from within a transaction
  • Compare data dictionaries via the dictionary differentiation tool


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