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Real-Time Reporting

Timely and accurate delivery of data within the systems in the enterprise infrastructure is only half the battle. Next comes the challenge of delivering relevant data to people in the form of mission-critical, decision-supporting reports that keep the enterprise running smoothly. Operational integrity requires that reports be delivered and that OLTP performance be maintained. Moreover, the reporting environment must be robust enough to support delivering the information that is needed precisely where and when it is needed.

As part of an overall reporting solution for the enterprise, Replication Server can:

  • Populate a fully synchronized, accurate, and up-to-the-minute database copy for reporting that minimizes impact on OLTP performance
  • Reduce information latency for queries and reporting
  • Optimize batch reporting for the available window
  • Make the most of redundant hardware

Additional Sybase solutions for reporting and analytics:

Sybase IQ - designed from the ground up for analytics, this unique column-based data warehouse delivers unsurpassed query performance and storage efficiency for both structured and unstructured data.

Sybase IQ Real Time Loading Solution - adds real-time loading capability from ASE source databases to the established value proposition for the Sybase IQ analytics platform.

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