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PowerDesigner Tech Corner


Welcome modelers, analysts, and developers; here you will find material to help you become better at the things you use PowerDesigner for - from process analysis to design, to application and database code generation and reverse-engineering.

PowerDesigner does the best job of combining features and usability of any enterprise-class modeling package on the market today. I value the commitment to the direction that PowerDesigner is taking to give you the tool that you need.

Whether you are new to UML or an experienced DBA or Analyst, I hope you will find the tips and tricks that enrich your experience with PowerDesigner.

As a member of our newsgroup community (powersoft.public.powerdesigner.general), I know the value of sharing knowledge. If you have any articles, tips, or tricks you would like to share, and would like to see them posted here, please let us know by sending them to

- David Dichmann, PowerDesigner Product Manager


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